What is a Duvet & Duvet Cover? A Guide to Bedding from Globon

What is a Duvet & Duvet Cover? A Guide to Bedding from Globon

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Where do you begin if you are looking for stuffy new bedding for your unique sleeping style with so much varying terminology?

Do you need a duvet or a comforter? What is the use of a comforter cover?

We all know a cosy night’s sleep is essential for a better day; not only does the right kind of sleep setup keep your space looking beautiful aesthetically, but your bedroom also has the potential to contribute to the length and quality of your rest. 

Finding proper bedding comfort is essential to understand the difference between your choices.
This guide will cover the duvet meaning and all the vital information about finding the ideal bedding of your choice.

 What is a Duvet and Duvet Cover-Duvet VS Comforter

What is a duvet?

A duvet is an upper layer of bedding that keeps you warm at night. It can be made from different fabrics, the most common being cotton because it is so soft and comfortable.

Duvets are usually white and filled with natural or synthetic fibers such as down, silk wool, feathers, polyester, or down alternatives. Duvets are stitched all over in such a way as to keep the stuffing evenly distributed.

Duvets originated in Europe. The word “duvet” comes from the French word ”down”, referring to the soft and delicate layer of feathers under the more rigid exterior feathers on the bellies of geese and ducks. Traditionally, European duvets were always filled with down. If someone says they sleep “European style”, that generally means they use a duvet.

 Duvet VS Comforter

What is a Duvet Cover and What is it used for?

A duvet requires two pieces(the duvet itself and the duvet cover). A duvet cover is a large cloth bag used to cover the duvet. It has a zipper or buttons to keep the duvet inside.

While duvets are usually white, duvet covers come in numerous colors and patterns. They can be made from natural or synthetic materials, including cotton, linen, and silk.
Duvet covers protect the duvet itself from dirt, and one can wash it regularly.


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