What Is Texcote Nano-treated Down & Why We Use It?

What Is Texcote Nano-treated Down & Why We Use It?

A customer sent an email to consult us that why we use Texcote Nano-treated Down? What is the difference between Texcote Nano-treated Down and normal down? This is a question worth answering, let's explore together

What is Texcote Nano-treated Water Repellent Down?

Texcote Nano-treated Down is the term usually referring to down which been treated by Texcote-processing technology. Texcote-processing technology results in a layer of protective coating on the surface of the fabrics and around the fibres. Water and stain repellency of the fabric is enhanced after Texcote-processing treatment. Other benefits of Texcote-processing treatment include air permeability, easy of care and environmental-friendliness.

Texcote Feather Nano-treatment is to combine state-of-the-art application technology on a proprietary nano-based Feather Fluffing Chemical. Texcote Treated Down has all the insulating advantages of down combined with strong moisture resistance. Though not as waterproof as synthetic insulators, Texcote Nano-treated Down seems good progress.

Why We Choose Texcote Nano-treated Down  Comforters

Down comforter are used to provide lightweight insulation to keep warm. The structure of down can trap the air between its light fluffy filaments and keep body temperature to provide insulation for the user.

Normal down comforters are easier to get wet than Texcote Nano-treated Down when used in wet conditions. If down gets wet, it will clump together which causes it to lose loft and insulation, so it can’t trap air effectively.  It will also gain weight and its breathability will be significantly reduced. And you will feel cold and uncomfortable because water conducts heat away from the body up to 25 times faster than air.

Therefore it is important to avoid down getting wet. Globon Texcote Nano-Treated Down Comforter is water-resistant, maintaining insulation and reducing weight gain.

Texcote Nano-treated Warterproof Down Comforter

Keeps You Dry: Texcote Nano-treated Down resists moisture so you’ll stay warm in cold winter. Globon Texcote Nano-Treated Down Comforter gives you a sound sleep.

Warmth: Down is the best insulator currently available, but it has a major defect that it’s easily damaged by moisture. Moisture will reduce loft and insulation which lowers its temperature rating. With a Texcote Nano-treated Down, it will retain its loft longer than both regular down and synthetic insuChoose a Texcote Nano-treated Down comforter you like and start your sound sleep now!

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